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I love my sisters.

Don’t ask me, I have no idea why too. From what I know, our bond is almost unheard of in most families. Not only our age are vastly far apart ( my eldest sister “女王” is 12 years older than me), our common topics are also very diverse.

But there’s always something that binds relationships close together.

Nope, it’s not the blood ties.

It’s food!

All 4 of us share the same passion for Japanese food and we heart Japan lotssss! We love to gather together at some japanese restaurant and just waste the afternoon away eating.

Afterall, our greatest ambition are to be successful tai-tais. As it is, 女王 is already a “thai-tai” (my bro-in-law is half thai), my 2nd sister is a HDB tai-tai and my 3rd sis and I are tai-tai wannabes.

On this day, we headed to Liang Court for lunch at Tampopo Japanese Restaurant. Service was superb but I felt the ramen’s temperature was not hot enough… Check out the food we ordered that day, its visual ecstacy!

Black pig shabu ramen

Black pig shabu ramen

Forgot thy name

Forgot thy name

Tonkatsu Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen

Unagi Yanagawa

Unagi Yanagawa



  1. Dear Yonia!
    Greetings again!
    I saw “Tampopo” a long time ago!
    Actually, I remember picking dandelion in the nearby meadows with my father for salads back in France! Do you know how we call them in France? LOL

  2. Hello!

    Dandelion salad!
    Now that’s something new to me~
    What do you call you call them?

    I would love to visit France and Japan some time!

  3. Hello again!
    We call “Dandelion” (which by the way is the old French name meaning “Lion’s tooth”!) “Pissenlit” in French:
    literally, “Piss in bed” (sorry!). It has been used as a natural medicinal herb for ages!

    • That’s an interesting name!
      Now I’m skeptical of how the dandelion salad will taste like. LOL

      By the way, your website is amazing! What a true foodie site~


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