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I have finally seen “Watchmen”!

I think Watchmen gave a very different perspective to the superheroes’ characters, giving the viewers an insight into their human flaws and vulnerability. The author of  this story – Alan Moore also did “V for Vendetta” and I just love his style of dark, anti-hero characters.

In fact, I am just into anything dark, strange, morbid and gothic… That’s the reason why I like Tim Burton, Anne Rice and Johnny Depp (???) Oh well, the latter is pretty strange too, that’s why I have the hots for him.

Oh, have I mentioned before that “V for Vendetta” was one of my favourite films? The first thing I did after watching was to buy the graphic novel and hell, it was good.

Anyway, I feel anyone who loves a good super hero story should watch this film but beware, the run time is 162 mins!

This means you need more coke, nachos, popcorn, toilet break and calories pile-up. Already sounds depressing.

Take a jacket with you, the cold will freeze your arses.


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