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My 2009 resolution was to stay healthy and lose some weight… So I went for a routine medical check-up and guess what?

I was diagnosed with mild anaemia. Can you believe it? I mean, which part of my oversize frame suggest that I’m anaemic?

*Roll eyes*

Anyway, in order to boost my red blood cells I have to increase my intake of iron-rich food.

For a start, I need to eat BEEF. Lots of beef. Cos’ red meat contains the most iron.

Unfortunately, this is not exactly my favorite meat so I’m required to come up with many different ways of preparing my beef.

So, here’s a recipe fpr my dinner today:

My dinner for tonight!

My dinner for tonight!

Beef Yaki Udon  (1 serving)

Sliced Beef – 100 grams

Instant udon – 200 grams (prepacked)

Small red onion – 1 (sliced)

Green chive – 2 stalks (cut into sections)

Garlic – 1 clove (minced)

Oil – 3 tbsp ( I used olive oil)

Coriandar – 1 stalk (Optional)

Marinate (For beef)

Mirin – 1 tbsp

Light soy sauce – 1 tbsp

Dash of sesame oil and pepper


Mirin – 2 tbsp

Oyster sauce – 2 tbsp

Soy sauce – 1 tsp

Water – 2 tbsp

Sesame oil – 1 tsp

Red pepper  – 1 tsp (optional)


1. Combine all the marinating ingredients and pour over sliced beef. Refridgerate for an hour or overnight.

2. Mix all the ingredients for sauce in a mixing bowl. Whisk until combined. Set aside.

3. Pour boiling water over udon  just enough to cover. Once the udon has soften and separated, drain the water. Set aside.

4. Heat a wok or pan on high heat and add oil. Add minced garlic followed by red onion and stir fry until fragrant.

5. Add the beef in and brown til half-cooked. Set aside. *The secret here is to add the beef when the wok is super hot, almost smoking and toss them in the hot oil for less than a min before dishing it up*

6. With some sauce left in the wok, add the udon noodles. Once the noodles looks a little brown, add the chives and beef. Pour the sauce in and stir- fry for another 1 minute to make sure the noodles absorb the sauce.

7. Assemble onto plate and add coriandar as garnish.

Tada!!! Hope you will enjoy!



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