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Woo hoo! I found another iron-rich food to add to my anti-anaemia diet – Spinach!

This recipe is fast and flexible. Most importantly, it doesn’t add on to the calories 🙂

Simple and heart-warming!

Simple and heart-warming!

Asian Spinach Soup ( yields 2 servings)


Home-made chicken stock (or add 4 tbsp of Konbu 昆布 powder with 5 tbsp of concentrated chicken stock to make instant soup) – 5 cups

Spinach – A handful, cut into 4 quarters

1 egg – beaten

Whole kernel corn – half a cup

Soy sauce – 1 tbsp

A dash of sesame oil

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Heat chicken stock over high heat until boiling

2. Add spinach into soup and cook until soften. Scoop up and set aside.

3. Using a chopstick, add the beaten egg slowly into the hot soup while whisking soup (beware, it can be hot!). Make sure egg is whisked slowly until fluffy, around 30 seconds. Remove from heat.

4. Pour soup into bowl and stir in spinach. Top with whole kernel corn.

5. Add sesame oil, salt and pepper (optional). Serve immediately.

This whole process only took me 15 minutes!

It’s an awesome idea for working mums and single ladies who are in need of some iron and protein… or simply want to cut down on fattening dinners.




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