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OOOoooh, I didn’t know there is such a beautiful abandoned house in Singapore!

According to the author of these stunning photos, this house was first built in 1854, and was known as “Tyersall House”. In 1860, a Malay sultan took over the property and the house was demolished. The new house, Istana Woodneuk (“istana” means “palace” in Malay) was built in 1890 and completed 2 years later. In 1905, it was badly burnt because of faulty electrical wiring. This house has been abandoned since 1907.

Wow, truly old-skool. But I like!





  1. That is such a beautiful shot of the building. Hard to imagine that this is in Singapore and I had never heard about it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Beautiful, isn’t it? I’m amazed that such beauty can be preserved in Singapore too 🙂

  2. it is beautiful
    but i went there twice but couldnt find it is it demolished already?

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