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Some threats do come from humanity itself.

The effects of global warming are of concern to both environment and human race.

Recent observations of rapid climate change like rising sea levels, glacier retreats and altered patterns of agriculture are direct consequences of human negligence.

If we continue to pollute the environment, the effects of global warming and worldwide pandemic will definitely come swifter and far more deadly.

If everyone can just cut down on consumption of meat or usage of more environmental-friendly products, we can all make a difference.

Remember, as the late Gandhi said:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

The pictures below depict some serious conditions in countries that put profit before conservation

Boys swimming in a garbage-filled river

Boys swimming in a garbage-filled river

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An Indian boy searches for coins in the polluted waters of the Yamuna River in New Delhi.The national capital is a major culprit in the pollution of the Yamuna, accounting for about 79 per cent of the total waste water that is poured into the river by the major towns along its banks. Despite the Indian government spending millions on trying to clean up the river, most of it going to waste-treatment stations, pollution levels continue to rise.



A man collecting dead fish in Guanqiao Lake in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province, which died due to the polluted lake water and the sizzling weather in the city.



Thousands of scrapped taxis are abandoned at a yard in the center of Chongqing city on March 4, 2009. Traffic congestion and pollution have worsened dramatically in Chinese cities as the country’s long-running economic expansion has allowed increasing numbers of consumers to make big-ticket purchases such as cars.



Volunteers try to clear a dam which is filled with discarded plastic bottles and other garbage, blocking Vacha Dam, near the town of Krichim on April 25, 2009.



A worker washing dead fish remains at a Meat and Bone Meal factory in Dhaka. MBM is animal feed manufactured from abattoir waste and animal carcasses. Following the BSE (Mad Cow Disease) crisis, meat and bone meal been illegal as animal feed in Europe since January 1st, 2001. This is not the case in Bangladesh where the practice is still widespread.



A cow grazing amidst the piles of rubbish in Dhaka. With over 8000 slums, thousands of people work everyday in the polluted environment of Bangladesh’s capital. The city is known to have the 2nd most polluted water supply in the world, contaminated by industrial waste and human excrement. The local authorities in Dhaka do not consider waste disposal a priority and as a result, rubbish accumulates in large piles around the city before it is finally removed.



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  1. Humanity needs to be stopped…now

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