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Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown


Motion detected camera is located somewhere above the ad


Poster shows a loving couple when people are looking at it


Poster switch the image when the camera detects the user has looked away

What a creative and powerful way of using technology to bring out the impact of this advertisement.

This interactive poster was erected at a bus stop in Germany. An eye tracking camera was installed in the board, so that when you looked directly at the domestic violence, after a delay, the scene morphed into spousal harmony. “It happens when nobody is watching.”

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In Melbourne, Stop Child Abuse Now used child-size mannequins to represent children suffering neglect. Mannequins were placed around the city with a poster pasted over the top of the figure that read, “Neglected Children are made to feel invisible.”

UK homeless charity placed handmade cardboard signs throughout the streets of London, to remind onlookers that the recent snowfall may be beautiful to see, but it’s a pain to sleep in.

These Australian bus shelters promoted the growing number of 24-hour McDonald’s locations with a message that appeared only at night.

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