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Recently I signed a petition appealing to Singapore authorities to prevent World Resorts from capturing whale sharks from the wild to display as an attraction at the future Integrated Resorts and guess what?

I got an “carefully drafted” response from the authorities ie, Marine Life Park, justifying their actions.

Well, that auto-generated letter seriously got me pissed off. What started off as an innocent petition to save some poor whale sharks has now turned to war!

For a start, here’s an excerpt –

“… we also want to highlight that the whale shark exhibit at the Marine Life Park was submitted as part of the winning bid in an international competition for the Integrated Resort on Sentosa in late 2006. As such, the organization is bound to deliver the integrity of the bid, and any proposed replacement for the whale sharks must be defensible in that it must be viable and be as broad, if not compelling, in its appeal to bring in visitors to Singapore – the reason Singapore decided to have the integrated resorts.

We had put out a press statement specifying that plans for the Marine Life Park are still being finalized and options are being explored.  Two things are being done right now:  consolidating the education and conservation studies of what aquariums have done for potential collection species, and assessing how the Marine Life Park and its conservation and research programs might contribute further to the scientific knowledge of the species.

I hate the way they try to sound all self-righteous and dignified.

Come on, which part of the “captivity” do they not get? Obviously, these animals belong to the wild and they are just trying to gain profit in the name of CONSERVATION. I am trying not to sound disgusted here but hey,  why don’t they just admit it’s a business decision? The letter itself is a joke. Talk about self-contradiction.

But I must say, it’s expected.

Because, the “habitat” we are talking about here is SINGAPORE. The land of hypocrisy and restrictions of speech. Of course, in the interest of tourism revenue, who gives a damn about animal rights? There’s not enough land to even house 4.6 million people, let alone whale sharks that can grow up to the size of 2 city buses? It’s like trying to keep sharks in goldfish tanks, ok?

All that bulls*** talk is just hypocritical, self-denying and just downright selfish.

Speaking of keeping sharks in goldfish tanks, I decided that I will not sit back and be made a laughing stock by these profit-seeking evil merchants. I decided if I have to, I will wear the message on my clothes, my bag, anywhere and everywhere.

Spread the word, my virtual friends… And we shall live to see the project fail!

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