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Designers often like to put their creative juice (pun intended) to some other use, perhaps in cheesy pick-up lines shown below.
If you can relate to these then well, consider yourself a true designer!

  1. I wish I had an Eyedropper to capture the color of your eyes.
  2. Has anybody ever told you that your teeth have perfect kerning?
  3. What Pantone are your underwear?
  4. I’m just like a global nav; I love to be on top.
  5. Come back to my place and I’ll show you a really naughty way to fill up some negative space.
  6. Would you like to lorem ipsum dolor sit on my lap?
  7. My Haus or your Haus?
  8. I couldn’t help but notice your eye path went right to my smudge stick.
  9. If I hit Shift + [ will it increase the hardness of your brush?
  10. Just looking at you from across the bar, I could tell you display high Brightness and Vibrance, and have multiple Layers.
  11. You look perfectly put together. Do you display this well in IE?
  12. I like my fonts sans-serif, and you sans-pants.
  13. If you bring the tool, I’ll bring the color palette.
  14. You’re so fine, you must be 1px.
  15. If you like what you see now, wait’ll you look below the fold.
  16. Let’s “Skip Intro” and just go find a hotel room right now.
  17. When I serve you breakfast in bed tomorrow, would you like your coffee with cream and sugar, or do you prefer it #000000?
  18. Do you want to touch my Bézier curves?
  19. What if I told you the fly on my legs opens quicker than a 500kb JPEG file?
  20. I’ll make your clothes 0% opacity.

Original Source:

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

In Melbourne, Stop Child Abuse Now used child-size mannequins to represent children suffering neglect. Mannequins were placed around the city with a poster pasted over the top of the figure that read, “Neglected Children are made to feel invisible.”

UK homeless charity placed handmade cardboard signs throughout the streets of London, to remind onlookers that the recent snowfall may be beautiful to see, but it’s a pain to sleep in.

These Australian bus shelters promoted the growing number of 24-hour McDonald’s locations with a message that appeared only at night.

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Click on image to see the fine print!

It’s hilarious… and apt!

Love the visual dynamism. AWESOME.

Nowadays everyone’s a designer, so long as you know how to use Photoshop.

So how do you differentiate mediocrity from the Crème de la crème?

Well, here’s the thing…

So poseurs… wake up your idea, ok?

Wearing black frame glasses, skinny jeans and carrying a macbook pro around does not make you a designer.